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chapati with peanut capsicum

Capsicum/green bell pepper - 6-7(cut into small pieces)
onion - 1 (finely chopped)
peanuts - 1/2cup
sesame seeds -1/2 cup
shredded coconut - 1/4 cup
turmeric - pinch
chilli powder - 2 tbsp
coriander powder - 2tbsp
salt as required
oil - 2 tbsp
Heat oil ,add onion and fry till transparent .Add capsicum and fry till soft and take out ,in the meanwhile grind peanuts,sesame seeds,coconut to a fine paste .add some water if necessary .heat oil add the paste and fry till the oil leaves the edges.add turmeric,chill powder,coriander powder .fry for a minute add the fried capsicum pieces and salt and cook for 5 minutes and turnoff the stove.Can enjoy with chapati and rice.


Palakova is a wonderful and a traditional rich sweet which is made up of milk , sugar and ghee ...
The ingredients seems to be simple ...but we have to work hard ...should keep on stirring stirring stirring.............................till it forms a thick solid kinda structure...anywayz chk out my version of kova...
Boil 2 litres of milk .keep stirring so tht no top layers r formed ..when the milk becomes half(it takes 1hr)add 1 cup sugar and keep on stirring till u find bubbles Nowadd 4tbsp of ghee and stir till u get soft solid lk structure....turn off the stove .

Grease plate with ghee and spread the kova on plate.make ur
desired shape when warm or u can store in the solid form .

Enjoy with some pakoda ...tastes gr8 as a evening snack:)

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rice flour - 3 cups
ajwain(vomu)/jeera - 1 tsp
salt - as required
green chilles - 3
water to make dough
murukku press
oil for frying..

Heat oil , grind the green chillies with 1 cup of water..filter the water .Use this water to make the dough.Mix rice flour,ajwain,salt .make dough with the help of chilli water.Seive for 10 mins so the the dough is mixed properly...now take murukku press ,fill handfull of dough and press in shape of circles on a plate.deep fry these circles ,cool them and store in air tight containers...

**u can add chilli powder instead of green chillies.

Besan laddoo

besan (gram flour) - 2 cups
sugar - 1 cup
ghee - 1/4 cup
elachi powder - 1 tsp
nuts to decorate

Heat ghee and fry besan till we get a nice aroma then add sugar and fry for few more minutes (3-4 min).Turn off the stove .Make laddoos when it is warm and decorate with ur favourite nuts.
u will get approx. 15 laddoos of small size.

This is the easiest laddoo ,it can be made very quickly and has a rich taste.

Wednesday, December 6

Scenic beauty

Hello Friends!!!
I have created a blog for presenting all the sceneries of Japan and many other places....So please do visit my site and enjoy the pleasant,beautiful and eye catching sceneries.


Yummy Samosa with ketchup.

Samosa stuffed with alumasala ...ready to fry.
Alu masala...Stuffing
I love samosa`s and they need no introduction....but when came abroad i missed alot not only samosa`s but all the sweets,chats all the junk foods ...And so i tried samosa`s at home and tht was a big disaster!!!!So while i was searching all my favourite blogs i found the samosa recipe from Manpasand blog...i just followed her recipe blindly and to all my surprise it was a Blockbuster hit...me and my husband loved them alot ...

U can find the original recipe at http://manpasand.blogspot.com/2006/09/samosa.html

Tuesday, December 5

SuperfastPoha Laddoo

1 cup poha(beaten rice),1/2 cup jaggery grated ,1/2 cup coconut shredded

Grind poha,jaggery,cocount to fine powder.

Make laddoos of ur desired size.It`s done!!!!

Monday, December 4


Sorry all...

i haven`t posted any recipes from the past 15 days as i was busy in preparing for my exam...Now in the next coming week am gonna rock u with yummy delicious and nutritious dishes.....

Tuesday, November 21

Paneer butter masala

Thnx to Sudhav of SAMAYAL blog.I found the recipe intresting and tried ..it came out well.

For the original recipe

Puffy Poori`s:


atta -11/2 cup

rava - 1/4 cup

warm water for dough

chilli powder - 1tsp

thick curd -1 tsp

salt as required

Mix the dough and keep aside for 30 min.Make even size balls and roll with the help of oil and deep fry.Puffy poori`s are ready!!!

Intresting snacks(spl`y for kids)


1 cup rice flour
1/4 cup besan( chickpea flour)
1/4 tsp butter
1/2 tsp asafoetida
1/2 tsp ajwain(vaamu)
1-2 tsps chilli powder salt to taste
oil for deep frying

Heat the oil for deep frying .
Mix all the flours and the powders.
Cut the butter into small pieces and rub into the mixture with your fingers.
Add water to make a soft dough.
Now make them to a known shapes like numbers,alphabets,appams...u can make wht ever u can ...its upto ur imagination .
Deep fry till golden brown.
Leave to drain and cool on absorbent paper towels. Store in air-tight tins when cool and enjoy!
**A very good snack for toddlers to learn ....

Thursday, November 9

Rava idli

Rava idli

Y`day i was searching all blogs for my dinner dish which can be made in a very less time and i found Rava idli on veggiedelight.I saw the picture of tht rava idli..it was Tempting & mouthwatering...and i decided to make them and tried and am Successful...HOORAY!!!!!! i recieved loads of compliments from my husband...
Special thnx to Jayasree of veggie delight .For the original recipe chk out jayasree blog : http://veggiedelight.blogspot.com/2006/09/rava-idli_14.html

Anywayz here is the recipe:

Sooji (Rava) - 2 Cups
Oil/Ghee - 5 Tbs
Green Chillies - 5/6
Thick Curd/Yogurt - 2
CupsOnion - 1 (Cut into small pieces)
Baking Soda - 1/2 Spn
Coriander leaves
Curry leaves

To Season:
Mustard - 1/4 T.Spn
Urad Dal - 1/2 T.Spn
Bengal Gram - 1 T.Spn
Broken Cashew nuts - 10/12

1. Fry the sooji for 2 minutes and mix with curd without forming any lumps
2. Heat oil and add the seasonings.
3. When the mustard splutters, add onion and fry for 2-3 minutes
4. Add this to the rava batter along with salt, baking soda and finely chopped green chillies. Also add the corriander leaves. Mix well.
5. Grease the idli plates with oil and spread the grated carrot and/or cocunut on the plate.
6. Pour the batter over this and steam cook for about 7-10 minutesServe hot with a side dish of your choice.

My choice of side dish Chickpea powder chutney/dhalia powder (putnala pappu chutney)

1 cup chickpea powder
1 tsp chilli powder
coconut milk or water as required
For seasoning
mustard,chana dal, urad dal - 1tsp
red chillies,green chillies

Mix all the above and the chutney should be with enough consistency

Note: i tried making dosa with the above batter and it came out well..u can also give a try...

Rava idli,rava attu with putnala pappu chutney

Monday, November 6

Refreshing Strawberry Shake

Simple strawberry shake
All u need is
6-7 starwbwerries
1 cup milk
2 spoons sugar
2-3 drops of vanilla essence
Grind all the above......Tht`s all.......add an ice cube and serve chilled.. can be enjoyed with pasta.

colorful dinner pasta with paneer tottillas

Pasta with paneer tortillas

paneer sabzi u need 1 cup paneer ,1/2 cup onion,1/4 cup tomatoes,1 tbsp butter,1 tsp chilli pwdr,1 pinch turmeric,1 tsp coriander pwdr,1 pinch sugar and salt as required.Heat butter ,add onion and saute for few seconds and add tomatoes and fry,add the dry pwdrs and fry till it turns golden color.Now add paneer and fry for 2 minutes till it becomes thick gravy.

For paneer totillas u need Flour tortillas -2,paneer sabzi - 1cup

put the sabzi on the tortilla and just roll .Paneer tortillas are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we will make pasta...

Boil 2 cups pasta and keep aside.Heat butter add frozen veggies(corn,carrot,green peas) and fry for a minute.Now add pasta sauce,chilli sauce and tomato ketchup .mix properly and add pasta ,cover the lid and cook for a minute and switch off the stove....Pasta is ready!!!!!

Friday, November 3


All u need for chimmili is 1 cup roasted seasame seeds and 1 cup jaggery and 1/4 cup water.Make a syrup of jaggery by adding water to the grated jaggery to one string consistent.add seasame seeds to the jaggery syrup.mix well .Let it cool and make balls.Chimmili is ready!!!!!!!


Soak 1 cup of rice for 2 hrs and dry on a wet cloth .Grind it in to very very fine powder .Also grind 1/4th cup shredded coconut with 1 elachi in to fine powder.

Make a sugar syrup by adding 1 cup of sugar to 1 cup water .The syrup should slightly string consistent.Now add the rice powder ,coconut powder to the syrup and mix until no lumps are formed.Keep on mixing until it is thickened. Chalimidi is ready!!!!

****Note: Instead of soaking rice,drying,grinding....u can use fresh rice flour available.Just add the rice flour,powdered coconut to the sugar syrup,mix until thickened.

Thursday, October 26



This is observed on the fourth day of the bright fortnight in the month of either Sravana or Kartika. This is a pre-historic celebration of Naga or Serpent-worship observed throughout Andhra. Every village in Andhra has some or other Naga idol carved in stone or wood. Generally the women fast on this day and propitiate Nagas by offering fresh, un-boiled cow's milk. Many families have ant - hills which have been worshipped for generations. Miniature silver eyes and hoods of the Serpent God are placed on the ant - hills and coconuts are broken. Some people have gold and silver images along with their family deities for daily worship. Chalimidi, Chimmili and vada pappu are the special dishes for this day. After praying to the Naga for protection of the family and children, particularly from snake bite, people smear their eyes and ears with the earth from the ant - hills. There are many Telugu folk songs sung in the praise of the Serpent God

About snake god: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snake_worship

Sunday, October 22



TASTY TASTY JAMUNS!!!! Yummy!!!!!!



For Vada:
urad dal - 2 cups ( soaked overnight)
methi seeds - 1 tsp (soaked with urad dal)
salt - as required
Oil - for frying

Dahi :

curd (yogurt) - 2 cups (better if littlebit sour)
water - 1 cup
mustard seeds,chana dal - 1tsp
green chillies - 3 grinded
turmeric - 1pinch
curry leaves & coriandr leaves - a few
salt - as required
red chillies - 1
oil - 1 tbsp


Grind the urad dal to a thick consistency, try without adding water.Add salt and keep aside for 15 mins.Now prepare the dahi for the vada`s. Take a big bowl and put yogurt and beat well ,add water and beat well .Now add salt,green chillies.Heat oil add red chillies & mustard seeds .Let them splutter.Now add chana dal ,curry leaves .Fry them till they turn gloden color.Now add this seasoning to the Dahi and keed aside.

Now heat oil for frying vada`s. take a bowl with water and a wet palin plate. wet ur hands and take lemon sized ball from the batter and put it in on the back side of the plate and press the ball evenly and put a hole in its centre and slowly leave in the oil.u should be very careful .u will get practiced after 3 to 4 vada`s.Fry the vada`s in oil till golden color and put them in water .Slightly squeeze from water and add to the Dahi.Do the same for all vada`s and Store them in refrigerator .Serve chilled.

if u dont like having dahi vada`s ...u can only have vada`s without dipping them in curd,with ginger chutney.Also u can add gree chilli paste to the batter and make vada`s .They are very very tasty..

Saturday, October 21


I wish all my Blogger friends a very happy and prosperous DIWALI.

Friday, October 20

Payasam & Puliyogare


Roasted Vermicelli - 1/2 pkt
Milk - 5 cups
sugar - 11/2 cup
ghee - 2tbsp
cashewnuts & raisins - a few
elachi -2 powdered

Boil milk and add sugar and roasted vermicelli .boil until vermicelli is completely done.switch off the stove and add elachi and decorate with cashewnuts and raisins. Serve chilled.

This version of puliyogare is from Chandrika of AKSHAYAPATRA. Am really thankful to her coz my husband loved it and became a very big fan of this dish.Chk out for the original recipe


Anywayz am posting the recipe here.


Cooked Rice - 1.5 Cups

Tamarind - A lemon sized ball

Dry Red Chillies - 3

Green Chillies - 4

Asofoetida - A pinch

Oil - 3 Tablespoons

For Powder:

Urad Dal - 1 1/4 Teaspoons

Channa dal - 1 1/2 Teaspoons

Dhaniya - 2 1/4 Teaspoons

Dry Red Chillies - 3

Fenugreek Seeds (Vendhayam, Menthulu) - A pinch

Black Pepper - A few

Sesame Seeds - 1.5 Tablespoons

For Seasoning:

Mustard seeds - 1/2 Teaspoon

Curry Leaves - 7 or 8

Urad dal - 1 Teaspoon

Channa dal - 1 Teaspoon


Soak Tamarind in 3 cups of water, along with salt. Extract the tamarind juice and keep aside. Heat a teaspoon of oil , add asofoetida and fry dry red chillies. To this, add the tamarind extract and the green chillies and simmer on a low heat till it reaches a semi solid consistency. Keep stirring now and then.Dry roast each of the ingredients mentioned under Powder section seperately and grind them together, except sesame seeds. Grind the roasted sesame seeds seperately.Add all the ground powders to the tamarind extract and remove from heat. Mix the required quantity with cooked rice. Finish off with seasoning. For best results, use gingelly oil. It imparts a certain flavour to the recipe.The puliyodharai mix has a long shelf life. Whenever necessary mix the desired quantity with cooked rice and add seasoning.


Thursday, October 19

Gutti vankaya koora

Gutti Vankaya Koora (stuffed Eggpalnt Curry)

Hi ! Am back with a typical south indian recipe the King of vegetables Gutti vankaya .


Gutti vankayalu - 10-15( cut the brinjals as four parts but don't cut at the end)

Oil - 5 tbsp



mustard seeds,jeera,fenugreek - 2 tsp

chanadal, urad dal - 1/4 cup

redchillies ,curryleaves,peppercorns- 3-4

grated coconut - 3tbsp

cashewnuts ,peanuts - 1/4 cup

coriander seeds - 3 tbsp

oil - 2tbsp

** Fry the above in oil .Cool it and make fine powder.


Stuff the brinjals with the masala .

Heat oil and fry the stuffed brinjals.Cover and Cook till the brinjal is soft.Now add 1/2 cup of water and cook on a very low flame till gravy is formed.Add salt .Mix it and turn off the stove.

Serve hot with rice.