Wednesday, December 6


Yummy Samosa with ketchup.

Samosa stuffed with alumasala ...ready to fry.
Alu masala...Stuffing
I love samosa`s and they need no introduction....but when came abroad i missed alot not only samosa`s but all the sweets,chats all the junk foods ...And so i tried samosa`s at home and tht was a big disaster!!!!So while i was searching all my favourite blogs i found the samosa recipe from Manpasand blog...i just followed her recipe blindly and to all my surprise it was a Blockbuster and my husband loved them alot ...

U can find the original recipe at


Bhargavi said...

Even I love samosas Priya. I used to crave for samosas. But now having learned from one my friends, I am able to make them at home successfully.

Krithika said...

I am so glad it turned out well for you. Yours looks great !

KrishnaArjuna said...

I have a lot of follow-ups to do on your site. Loved your idea of making janthikalu in different shapes.