Wednesday, December 6

Scenic beauty

Hello Friends!!!
I have created a blog for presenting all the sceneries of Japan and many other places....So please do visit my site and enjoy the pleasant,beautiful and eye catching sceneries.


Yummy Samosa with ketchup.

Samosa stuffed with alumasala ...ready to fry.
Alu masala...Stuffing
I love samosa`s and they need no introduction....but when came abroad i missed alot not only samosa`s but all the sweets,chats all the junk foods ...And so i tried samosa`s at home and tht was a big disaster!!!!So while i was searching all my favourite blogs i found the samosa recipe from Manpasand blog...i just followed her recipe blindly and to all my surprise it was a Blockbuster and my husband loved them alot ...

U can find the original recipe at

Tuesday, December 5

SuperfastPoha Laddoo

1 cup poha(beaten rice),1/2 cup jaggery grated ,1/2 cup coconut shredded

Grind poha,jaggery,cocount to fine powder.

Make laddoos of ur desired size.It`s done!!!!

Monday, December 4


Sorry all...

i haven`t posted any recipes from the past 15 days as i was busy in preparing for my exam...Now in the next coming week am gonna rock u with yummy delicious and nutritious dishes.....