Monday, January 1


Chocolate cake

I wish all my fellow bloggers a very Happy New Year

Well we had a small get together for the new year party ...and i made this moist Choclate Cake .I got this recipe from Priya of daily girl blog..A very very big thnx to Priya.I made a little change of baking this cake in a COOKER!!! yes ...and am proud to say that am successful in making a moist choclate cake (Eggless,Butterless).It took 40 minutes to bake and believe me its really Tasty!!!

you can get the original recipe details here:

Preparing Cake in a Cooker:

Take the prepared batter in a steel bowl.heat the cooker pan and put the cooker stand (usually we get tht with cooker ).Put the batter bowl on the stand .Close the lid .Sim the flame and wait for 30-35 minutes.**Should not open the lid and should not put the whistle**
Enjoy Cooking!!!:)
I tried from this site:

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