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This is observed on the fourth day of the bright fortnight in the month of either Sravana or Kartika. This is a pre-historic celebration of Naga or Serpent-worship observed throughout Andhra. Every village in Andhra has some or other Naga idol carved in stone or wood. Generally the women fast on this day and propitiate Nagas by offering fresh, un-boiled cow's milk. Many families have ant - hills which have been worshipped for generations. Miniature silver eyes and hoods of the Serpent God are placed on the ant - hills and coconuts are broken. Some people have gold and silver images along with their family deities for daily worship. Chalimidi, Chimmili and vada pappu are the special dishes for this day. After praying to the Naga for protection of the family and children, particularly from snake bite, people smear their eyes and ears with the earth from the ant - hills. There are many Telugu folk songs sung in the praise of the Serpent God

About snake god:

Sunday, October 22



TASTY TASTY JAMUNS!!!! Yummy!!!!!!



For Vada:
urad dal - 2 cups ( soaked overnight)
methi seeds - 1 tsp (soaked with urad dal)
salt - as required
Oil - for frying

Dahi :

curd (yogurt) - 2 cups (better if littlebit sour)
water - 1 cup
mustard seeds,chana dal - 1tsp
green chillies - 3 grinded
turmeric - 1pinch
curry leaves & coriandr leaves - a few
salt - as required
red chillies - 1
oil - 1 tbsp


Grind the urad dal to a thick consistency, try without adding water.Add salt and keep aside for 15 mins.Now prepare the dahi for the vada`s. Take a big bowl and put yogurt and beat well ,add water and beat well .Now add salt,green chillies.Heat oil add red chillies & mustard seeds .Let them splutter.Now add chana dal ,curry leaves .Fry them till they turn gloden color.Now add this seasoning to the Dahi and keed aside.

Now heat oil for frying vada`s. take a bowl with water and a wet palin plate. wet ur hands and take lemon sized ball from the batter and put it in on the back side of the plate and press the ball evenly and put a hole in its centre and slowly leave in the oil.u should be very careful .u will get practiced after 3 to 4 vada`s.Fry the vada`s in oil till golden color and put them in water .Slightly squeeze from water and add to the Dahi.Do the same for all vada`s and Store them in refrigerator .Serve chilled.

if u dont like having dahi vada`s ...u can only have vada`s without dipping them in curd,with ginger chutney.Also u can add gree chilli paste to the batter and make vada`s .They are very very tasty..