Thursday, February 15

Happy Valentines Day

My Lovely valentine cake

i got the sponge cake recipe from Video jug.This site was amazing and i want everyone to have a look at this site .a very very gud site for the begginers in cooking.
i then had my own style of icing...;) with micky and mini mouse choclates decorated with some carved strawberries....

My Valentine Cake

A warm meal on Valentines day


I know am not paying keen interest in not posting regularly though i have many recipes in my hand...i donno why but i took a long blogging break and felt very bad missing all my blogger friends recipes ...:( . Anywayz past is past ;) .Today am posting my valentines Day recipes.Yeah!we had a Nice Dinner!!!

It took me almost 2 1/2 hrs to prepare and arrange!

I choose Gajar halwa for the Desert section as its very cold and hot hot Gajar halwa really suits!!!
Gajar halwa recipe

And firstly we look for a perfect appetizer and i thought Onion rings are the right choice ...

Onion Rings:
Large onions - 2 (cut into circles)
flour -75 gms
cornflour - 2tbsp
baking powder -1/2tsp
paprika - 1/2tsp
sugar - 1/2tsp
beaten egg -1
milk - 120ml
salt&pepper as per taste
oil for deep frying
Combine flour,corn flour,bakong powder,paprika,sugar,salt and pepper.add eggs to milk and whisk.then pour this liquid into the dry ingredients and whisk until smooth batter is formed.Deep fry rings and drain.Season some salt and serve hot.

Then comes Main dish and side dishes and ofcourse raita and all other stuff.The special reason for me to choose the North Indian meal is tht my Husband Loves North indian dishes and all the dishes i made impressed my husband;)) ...we had Dhokla ,pulav ,Makkhan roti ,Mixed vegetable curry,kadai paneer,cucumber raita and finally Strawberry smoothie.

i got this recipe from Vineela of Vineela Cuisine

basmati rice - 1cup
cashewnuts - 1/4 cup
cloves- 3
cardamon -2
cinnamon -2"
shah jeera -11/2tsp
onions - 1/2 chopped
raisins - 1/4 cup
turmeric -a pinch
saffron -2 strands
boiling water - 2 cups
for garnish-- 1/2 chopped and browned onion(heat 1tsp oil add onions and fry till they turn into brown color) and 1/4 cup chopped coriander leaves.

Wash and drain rice.Heat oil add nuts,cloves,cardamon,shah jeera,cinnamon and fry for a minute.Add onions and fry till transperent.add raisins,turmeric,salt..stirwell.Add boiling water.Cover pan and cook on low glame.Garnish with browned onions and coriander leaves.

i got this recipe from Premasundar of MyCookbook
Thnx prema....The dish was really amazing...

i got this recipe from Video jug

i got this one too from video jug

Cucumber raita:
2 cucumbers peeled and chopped
1/2 cup plain yogurt
fresh parsley
green chillies -1 chopped finely

Mix all the above and garnish with fresh parsely....

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