Tuesday, December 5

SuperfastPoha Laddoo

1 cup poha(beaten rice),1/2 cup jaggery grated ,1/2 cup coconut shredded

Grind poha,jaggery,cocount to fine powder.

Make laddoos of ur desired size.It`s done!!!!


Meena Kandlakuti said...

easy and delicious recipe..thanx for sharing

rp said...

Good one!
Do you fry poha in ghee before powdering with other ingredients? I saw like that in another recipe. Can we make it without frying too?

HariPriya said...

yes ofcourse we can make it without fring ...by the way i did without frying poha...but frying in ghee adds rich taste...:)

Anonymous said...

wow the recipe looks so easy and out of poha...wow poha is almost always there at home too ...i have to make is soon

revathi said...

poha is not cooked here, how can we eat?