Monday, November 6

colorful dinner pasta with paneer tottillas

Pasta with paneer tortillas

paneer sabzi u need 1 cup paneer ,1/2 cup onion,1/4 cup tomatoes,1 tbsp butter,1 tsp chilli pwdr,1 pinch turmeric,1 tsp coriander pwdr,1 pinch sugar and salt as required.Heat butter ,add onion and saute for few seconds and add tomatoes and fry,add the dry pwdrs and fry till it turns golden color.Now add paneer and fry for 2 minutes till it becomes thick gravy.

For paneer totillas u need Flour tortillas -2,paneer sabzi - 1cup

put the sabzi on the tortilla and just roll .Paneer tortillas are ready!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now we will make pasta...

Boil 2 cups pasta and keep aside.Heat butter add frozen veggies(corn,carrot,green peas) and fry for a minute.Now add pasta sauce,chilli sauce and tomato ketchup .mix properly and add pasta ,cover the lid and cook for a minute and switch off the stove....Pasta is ready!!!!!


Anonymous said...

That Pasta and Paneer tortillas look too delicious for words...Love that combo!!


Anupama said...

Hi Haripriya: Paneer, Pasta and strawberry milkshake all are my alltime favourites. I loved all your recipes.

Anonymous said...

Hi haripriya,
I'm ramkumari from tamilnadu,This is the first time i'm visiting ur site and i found it really impressive...i'm just waiting to try ur tortills ...

Anonymous said...


It is not made like this at our home. We take raw Thill (sesame seeds) and jaggery. Mix them and pound them hard and well till the oil from thil seeds oozes out making the ingredients a thick paste. Yummy taste. Tastier than heating method.