Tuesday, August 29

Spicy Diamonds

  1. Ingredients:

1.2 cup maida(all purpose flour)

2.1/2 cup rice flour

3.salt,chilli pwdr,a pinch of cooking soda

  1. 4.water for kneading
  2. 5.oil for frying


seive the flours,add salt ,chilli powder,soda and mix.Now add water and knead it.keed aside for 15 minutes .Heat oil ,now make 4 to 5 balls and take each ball, roll it into a big round.With the help of knife cut it into diamonds or whtever shape u can make .now fry these diamonds till u get brown color ..U can store upto 1 week or more in a airtight container.U can enjoy this at tea time,watching movies,reading....

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Menu Today said...

Nice blog you have. I like to much spicy diamonds while watching tv....Thanks for sharing.