Thursday, September 21

ANDHRA SPECIAL(rice rava upma with onion rasam)


rice rava - 2 cups
water - 5 cups
seasoning (mustard,jeera,chana dal,red chillies,curry leaves)- 1 tsp each
oil- 2tbsp

Heat 1 tbsp oil add seasoning ,fry till they splutter and add water .Boil it.
Add remaining 1 tbsp oil and sim the gas.Now add the rice rava and mix properly and evenly so that no lumps were formed.Cook until done.Serve hot with ullipayapulusu and kandipodi(gunpowder).



Ullipaya Mukkalu -- 1/4 cup cut into slices
Tamarind -- 2 small marbles sized(soaked in warm water)
Turmeric and Salt -- as per needed
chilli powder
Sugar -- 1 tbsp.
Sambar Powder -- 1 tsp.
Rice flour -- 1&1/2 tsp
oil - 2 tbsp.
wate - 2 cups
Seasoning(mustard,jeera,chana,urad,asofoetida(inguva),curryleaves,1 red chiili)


Heat oil,add seasoning and fry till splutter,add onions and fry.Now add turmeric,sambar powder,cilli powder,sugar and fry a little .Now add water and tamarind.Boil till till onions r done.Now mix rice flour in 1/4 cup of water .Mix properly and add to the boiling rasam.cook for 5 min and turn off the stove.


Foodie's Hope said...

OH ! You always come up with such delicious recipes, Priys! Love these!! Thanks...

Tanuja said...

Hi Priya,

Thanks for bringing our memories back,its long time I had upudupindi.

Anonymous said...

this dish looks very delicious but i have a problem .i dont know what rice rava to make it or do we get it readymade?

HariPriya said...

Hi anonymous....thnx for the reply....and rice ravva is nothing but idli nooka .we get it readymade or we can prepare it at our home...soak rice for 1 hr ..drain the water and dry it on a cloth...and then grind the rice in a mixie or grinder...dont grind it into a fine powder.

Prema Sundar said...

Hi ,
Onion rasam is new to me. looks good.Upma with this sure would be nice. thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

Hi Priya
Nice upma with rice rava .Thank you I learn how to make onion rasem.
In my house my mom makes same rice rava upma with a one to two garlic pieces added to ur seasoning and we add mung dall not much just 2 spoons in the water add rice rava and keep it in the cooker.
thank you
for ur posts

bangaram said...

hi priya,
great job thank u i have got married early n came foriegn and i didnt learn coockin n all and my husband always ask me to prepare anything special and there u r ,from this i learnt many thank u very very much priya