Monday, January 22

Ragda patties

This is One of my favourite ....

For Patties:

Potatoes boiled ,mashed - 4
salt, chilli powder
2 bried slices
oil - 3 tbsp
Mix all the above and make fine paste.Heat Tava .Make flat shapes with the paste and shallow fry.
For ragda:
2 cups white peas Soaked for 6-8 hrs and pressure cooked till soft
salt,chilli powder,turmeric
ginger garlic - grated-1tsp
tomatoes -1 big chopped
onion - 1 big chopped
oil - 1tbsp

Heat oil.Fry onions,ginger- garlic.Fry till onions turn transperant .Add tomatoes and fry for a minute. Now add turmeric,chilli powder and white peas. add salt and 1/2 cup of water.Cook on medium flame for 10 min. turn off the stove.

For garnishing:
Tamarind chutney
chopped onions

Serving method:
place 2 patties .pour ragda over with chopped onions ,tamarind chutney ,Sev.


Asha said...

I love street cart goodies Priya! Looks great and mouthwatering!:))

HariPriya said...

Thnx asha!!!

mandira said...

I love ragda patties. Looks delicious!

HariPriya said...

Thnx mandira...By the way i tried ur vermicelli curd rice its really tasty!!!...will post soon...

Meena Kandlakuti said...

Hi priya...I like this chaat and dahi puri too. i always wanted to learn exctly the way they prepare.Especially gokul chaat in my plcae..Hyderabad is very famous chaat place.Thanks for sharing this.I will try this soon

Menu Today said...

Hi Priya,
Your version looks yummy! Thanks for sharing.

Nidhi said...

Hey Priya, Jumped here through your comment on my blog and I must say, you have a good one :)

Those Ragda Patties are looking mouth watering and you have served them, just the way they do it in India. Good job! They are my favourite too.

Cheers, Nidhi.

Latha said...

Hey Haripriya,

You have a nice blog! My first time here. Ragda patties is one of my favorite foods too. Will try your capsicum rice soon!
When you have time do tell us more about Japan and the Indian way of life there!

Anonymous said...

Good blog, nice recipes, ohhh the Ragda patties is simply devine...I often have it...its one of my favs too....thanks for sharing...

HariPriya said...

Thnx meena...i love dahi poori too...i have to try some day

Thnx nidhi...i love chat and i really tried hard to get the perfect taste..these patties satisfied me but cant beat Indian street chat wala..

Thnx for visiting my blog Latha!!!let me know abt the cap rice ..i will sure share my view abt Japan and the indian living ..i have created a seperate blog for tht ...

thnx Dilip!!!

Aarthi said...

Thanks for sharing this HariPriya. I have had Ragda Patties in some good restuarants. I didnt know it was so simple. I will definitely try it. Thanks

HariPriya said...

u r most welcome aarthi!!!!